Antiques I love, and why I love them – wire basket

wibask1As you can see we love citrus. What I also want you to see is that I love the wire basket that the fruit sits in, and around.

This basket is hand made from the mid 1800’s, and it delights me every time I look at it. Look at the detail photos and marvel at the workmanship and design.  From the bumpy texture of the wire itself, to the delicate little folds that hold the pieces in place, it is a marvel.

We bought it about 30 years ago from Peter Baker at a show we were both participating in at the St. Jacobs arena.  This had once been a mighty show but had stopped for a couple of years, and this was the first year they had tried to revive it.  Unfortunately, it didn’t happen.  The crowds, or lack there of allowed us plenty of time to chat amongst ourselves.  Jeanine took a bead on this basket the moment Peter set it out, but it was in the second day of the show, when there was absolutely nothing happening that she opened the subject of the basket, and her possible interest in purchasing.  Peter who is always a pleasant fellow did his best to facilitate the deal, but Jeanine played it cool. It was late in the third and gratefully final day that they came to an arrangement.

Quite often I will look at this basket, and admire again the beauty of the form, and the integrity of the craftsmanship, and I am grateful that Peter and Jeanine were able to come to an arrangement.

wibask5 wibask2 wibask3 wibask4