Watching a crooked door become more crooked

 It is no secret, and a point of contention to some that I enjoy things that are in the process of falling down.  I find their slow decent a thing of beauty, and enjoy the anticipation of the stiff breeze that becomes the grain of sand too much; and the thought of the suddenness of their collapse.  It’s just a thing I like.  Observing it, and occasionally documenting it brings me pleasure.  I have never actually been present when anything falls, but I have on occasion seen the after effect which can be fascinating.  I’m not looking for action. I just like to note the day to day movement, towards ultimate demise.  It ties in with my love of antiques and all things old. I suppose that is my defense for the state of my garage door.  I am watching it.

When we moved to our house about seventeen years age, now let me see, yes around 2002 seems right.  If Jeanine were nearby I would confirm.  But in any case, the garage was in a fairly sorry state at that time, and I noticed that there was about a ¼” gap at the left side of the top of the door, showing it’s lean. I could see that the old, minimal foundation was cracked and collapsing and the whole building was beginning to sink in the south/west corner.  I needed the garage right away so did not spend the time and energy to, with help of course, jack up the corner and fix the foundation, thus bringing it back to square.  Also, I thought that as soon as I could organize my storage and empty the space, an alternative would be to tear down the garage, which would allow a second parking space, and then buy a smallish storage shed to house the garden tools etc.

To this day, the interior of the garage is full; well I’ll call it half full as I have made some progress.  But I have never done a thing to stop the building’s slow travel southwards. It’s a fairly big project, and as I say I’m thinking about possibly tearing it down, so what’s the point.

 Plus, over the years I have enjoyed watching the gap above the left side of the door grow wider and wider; slowly, millimeter by millimeter until now it is a good three inches.   It’s funny but the roof line doesn’t seem to change.  I guess as the garage goes south, it is also coming forward, or eastward.  One day, somethings got to give, but that day is most likely a long way off.  Sometimes things take an awfully long time to happen.

If you look carefully in the photo you can see that I have, three times until present, had to change the position of the lock to make the two sides align.  I notice today that it is time to move it again.  It must be all that rain we are getting.

It’s only a question of time.