Tod and his 1941 one ton tow truck

look what pulled up front

look what pulled up front

One of things I love about living in Port Dover is that there is no lack of authentic characters.  It’s a beautiful sunny day and I was working out back in the garden when I heard the door buzzer go.  When I came around the corner I saw this parked right out in front of Shadfly, facing the wrong way,  right in front of the no parking sign. Hmmm,  I went inside to greet the owner.  I found a pleasant man with his young daughter quietly studying a hand made merry go round which had come from nearby Haldimand county made from an old chicken feeder.  “That’s my neck of the woods” the man offered.  “Oh, so you are a local” I replied. “That’s a pretty sweet old truck you’ve got going there. Could you tell me about it.” We exchanged names and pleasantries, and Tod went on to say,
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Glad to.  It’s a 1941 Chev one ton which I have built onto a 1978 chassis. It’s got the original 1978 350 V8 in it. It took me a year and a half to put it together, which was as fast as I could go because I needed it for my scrap metal business  It’s a working truck you see. I use it every day and drive it everywhere. . It weighs 8,000 lbs, and I put 17 leaf springs in her on both sides so I know she can lift anything.  I had one of those car carrier type rigs before but the government demands so many damn permits for those things now that it’s just too much bother and expense to have one.  I work alone and there’s so many guys in the metal business now that I have to keep my costs low.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA”  “Look inside, I’ve got a lot of Lana Turner pin ups in there.  She was the real thing”

I had brought my camera over to take some photos for the Collectivator site so I asked if he minded if I took a few shots. Tod was happy to comply for as you can see, he’s proud of his truck. Why wouldn’t he be.

When asked, he told me that he collects car related things such as old oil cans and such.  Turns out he has a big barn full of such items which he has collected from “back in the time when you could buy things for not much money”,  I suggested he may have quite a valuable collection by now.  He told me that occasionally people have wanted to buy from him but he always refuses, and he has turned down a visit from the Canadian Pickers show guys a couple of times.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“I’m obviously not into it for the money .  I put a greater value in the delight of just having these things around me.”  A man after my own heart.  As he drove off in spite of the fact that I had nothing to sell him, I couldn’t help but feel richer for the experience.  Another day in Dover.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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